In water, ball is heavier

A.Kryukov, professor of the Kazakh Institute of Physical Culture

Water Polo — one of the most interesting and exciting sports. Relatively wide dissemination due to the fact that it is the only game on the water. The emergence of water polo is the end of the 60s of last century. It’s birthplace — England.

The history of water polo in Kazakhstan has a relatively short period — I7–18. This is due, primarily, the lack of time in the Republic of water-sports facilities and qualified staff. But then, from 1949 to 1954, rapidly developing water sports such as swimming and jumping. Particularly widespread, they were based on the College and the Institute of Physical Culture, where at that time was put into the summer swimming pool. Often swimmers in their teaching and training works include games in water polo, which among them is starting to become popular.

The first official match in water polo was held in Alma-Ata in 1950. This was the game’s Cup team USSR between the Kazakh SSR and the champion of the country — a team of CDKA. The organizer of the Kazakh team was a swimming coach college physical education teacher Lev M. Lukyanovskyi. As part of the first water polo team includes swimmers of the Republic Irakli Adamidi, Dursun Circassian-Zadeh, Gregory Kozorez, Yuri Cabin, Vladimir Grigorovich, Bahi Elgundiev, Viktor Morozov, Latif Sarsenov and basketball player Yuri Vuhvalov. Bout ended with a score of 21: 1 in favor of CDKA. The only goal against the Muscovites scored Yuri Cabin, now head coach of the USSR team in Alpine skiing.

Arbitrators of match were the first judge of water polo in Kazakhstan M.S.Dzhayshibaev and I.S.Kopelevich.

In subsequent years, the development of water polo in the country has made great contribution to a team player Dursun Circassian-Zadeh. Organized training sessions are conducted, the team takes part in the Games of the republics of Central Asia and Kazakhstan, which took place in 1950, in Alma-Ata, and the first place. After that, the number of fans of water polo is growing steadily. In the composition: team joins the youth, among whom were the brothers George and Victor Mineev (the first of them later became a master of sport, bronze USSR championship in hockey, the second — the deserved master of sports, champion XVII Olympic modern pentathlon), Oleg Baimukhambetov, Envar Aganin and others.

In 1954, water polo again included in the program Games of the republics of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. To work with national team coach invited from Moscow A. Gvozdev. Under his direction, athletes first participate in the championship of the USSR, where they occupy 15th place.

After comes success at sports meeting of Central Asian Republics and Kazakhstan in Tashkent. After that, a new sport called attention in many areas of the country that gave grounds to include water polo championships and a program of the Kazakh SSR, the first official championship with a four-team was held in 1955. A year later at the VIII Kazakhstanish Sports Championship played water polo players teams of ten regions.

In the national team, besides palyers from Almaty -Vladimir Grigorovich, Dursun Circassian-Zadeh, Oleg Baymuhambetov, Yuri Mineev, Victor Mineev, Yurii Cabin,Orobyev, includes players, Vladimir Kuznetsov and Stepanov from Semipalatinsk, Ten’kov from Balkhash and Tiriakidi from Shymkent. This team, playing at a sports meeting of the USSR, took 12th place. After sports day of the republic the team is led by its captain Vladimir Grigorovich. The team updated with the students of the Institute of Physical Culture Vasyl Masyutenko, Robert Orloff, Leo Kozmino, Alexander Kryukov, and others.

In 1957, the Kazakhstan participated at the primacy of the Soviet Union and the Games of the Central Asian Republics and Kazakhstan, where occupy the 17th and 2nd places.

Working with the team, Mr Grigorovich based on swimming pools and the Institute of Physical Education Airport organize youth groups. It is true that in the first years of youth team at Spartakiads school occupies the last place.

During these years, comes into operation winter swimming, swimming pool in Karaganda, where come to work a coach Anatoly Vodopetov from Minsk and Vyacheslav Sakharov from Moscow, as well as experienced players. All these has contributed to the growth of sportsmanship of Karaganda. Confirmation of this — their match with the capital athletes, which ended in a draw (4:4), and only the ratio of goals scored and missed goals Almaty players won first place. Significantly increased mastery and command of the East Kazakhstan region, which is led by an enthusiast of the sport, Gennady Gorbunov from year to year is a prize-winning triple.

Established in athletes Alma-Ata and Karaganda region, the team of the Republic, speaking in 1959, a goal at the II Games of the Soviet people with including A.Baymuhambetov, V.Grigorovich and A.Kryukov, V.Masyutenko, S. Pivovarov, L. Kozmina, V. Vasilenko, V. Sakharov, V. Kotov, V. Gorshelev, P. Orlov, resumed in 12th place.

In 1960 at the X jubilee Kazakhstanish Sports Championship involved teams of all areas of the country. In the same year held an interagency championship of Kazakhstan. In 1962, water polo players of the Alma-Ata «Petrel» won the right to play in group II Class "A". This fact suggests the recognition of Kazakhstan to the All-Union arena.

In 1962, in Alma-Ata comes into operation a winter swimming pool of the Palace of Pioneers, in Kentau — 50-meter outdoor swimming pool with heated water. Incidentally,XI Kazakhstanish Games of water sports was held in Kentau. Water polo is included in the program and school sports days of the republic.

Each year the skill athletes, and spoke at Sports Day III of the USSR, they seek the highest success, finishing 8th.

An increasing number of sports facilities — one of the main conditions for the growth of mass and skill. In Alma-Ata comes into operation the 25-meter outdoor heated swimming pool water society «Dynamo». Here, immediately begins to be made to the development of water polo, led by Master of Sport Valery Panchenko. Then put into operation a 25-meter indoor swimming pool of Alma-Ata house-building plant.

In 1965, an interagency team wins the championship of the republic «Dynamo» (Alma-Ata), which, speaking in the same year, the championship of the USSR, took 4 place in Group II Class "A".

At the IV Games of the anniversary of the USSR national team of the Republic, represented by all players of society «Dynamo», achieves the greatest success. Of the eight games they won meeting at the command of Leningrad (6:4), Estonia (4–2), Uzbekistan (2–1), Belarus (7:4), Kyrgyzstan (10:0), Lithuania and Turkmenistan (7:2) and losing only Ukrainian team (2:4), took seventh place. A team of students took 6th place at the X anniversary of Kazakhstan Championship, behind the boys from Moscow, Leningrad, RSFSR, the Ukraine and Georgia.

Excellent water polo players of Kazakhstan met in 1968. In Tashkent, and later in the tournament Kentau the strongest teams in the second group of Class "A" and win the right to act in the big leagues.

Today, recalling the stages passed, we can say that water polo in the republic came into deep waters.


Water polo invented in the late XIX century in Great Britain by William Wilson. The prototype was the game rugby. Early versions of the game allowed the use of force in the fight for the ball, holding an opponent under water for mastering the ball. The goalkeeper was out of bounds, and tried to prevent the opponent attempts to put the ball on the dock. The game took on its modern form in the 80s of XIX century.

Water Polo — one of the oldest Olympic sports. The game first appeared in the Olympic Games in 1900. Women’s water polo became an Olympic program in 2000 after political protests of Australian women’s team. In the men’s water polo famous Hungarian sportsman Dezho Gyarmati won five Olympic medals (gold in 1952, 1956, 1964, silver in 1948, bronze in 1960), establishing nobody has beaten the record. The first Soviet water polo players who got into the Hall of Fame Aquatics (located in the U.S. city of Fort Lauderdale, near Miami) was Alexei Barkalov after him there were Alexander Kabanov and Eugene Sharonov. World Cup men’s water polo is played in 1973, women in 1986.