State symbols of the Republic of Kazakhstan

State symbols National flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan is constituted the blue rectangular width with the image of 32 rays′ sun in the centre under which you can see the flying steppe eagle. There is a vertical stripe with national ornament near the pole. The images of sun, rays, eagle and ornament are gold. The width of flag to length in the ratio of 1:2.

Blue flag with golden national ornament on the left, a golden sun and the silhouette of a soaring eagle in the center of today adorns the office buildings in the country, flies over the embassies of sovereign Kazakhstan in foreign states, installed near the United Nations. He is now all seen as a symbol of freedom, independence and sovereignty of our republic.

Its author. This is our new symbol is the result of labor and creative research of Shaken Niyazbekov. The main element of the national flag is its color. Light blue is one of those colors that mankind has long been widely used as one of the bright, expressive and pleasant. It is no accident. After all, this color predominates in nature. He is one of the seven sacred colors of the rainbow. The color of sky and water.

Internationally, the policy of the country, which has raised a symbol of their nationhood light blue flag, should be treated with the greatest confidence and understanding. Thus, the pure blue of our flag indicates that the cultural and ethnic unity of the people and simultaneously points to the idea of the indivisibility of the state. Sun — the source of life and energy. Therefore, the silhouette of the sun is a symbol of life. Man is not eternal. Comes into the world and caring person from a life measured in time. And time is determined for the nomad movement of the sun. Sunrise and sunset, one measurement — the day. According to the law of heraldry, the silhouette of the sun is a symbol of wealth and abundance. It is no accident, after a careful consideration of the sun’s rays in our flag at the same time take the form of grain — the basis of abundance and prosperity.

In the nomadic world outlook takes a special place steppe eagle or golden eagle. His portrayal of arms and flags of nations and ethnic groups in Kazakhstan, has a long tradition. In the language of symbolism the silhouette of an eagle means of state power, breadth and vision. For steppe is a symbol of freedom, independence, commitment to goals, to height, flying in the future. However, the eagle, having a powerful force, able to rebuff anyone who tries to hinder the achievement of the future. Silhouette of an eagle appeared and the idea of ​​striving young sovereign Kazakhstan in the height of world civilization. Another element that gives the novelty and originality of our flag, is parallel to its staff of a band consisting of national ornament. It shows a Kazakh ornament «koshkar-muyz — ram’s horns.» Respect for the flag — is respect for the country, its people and history.

Respect for the flag — is respect for the country, its people and history.

The State Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan is a picture of shanyrak (the cupola of a yurt) on a blue background on which all sides in the form of sun rays diverge uyki (support) in framing of wings of mythical horses. At the bottom of the emblem — the inscription «Kazakhstan». The State Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan — the two colors: golden and blue-blue. Today’s coat of arms of sovereign Kazakhstan is the result of labor, creative search of two famous architects: Zhandarbek Malibekov and Shota Ualihanov.

Emblem is round. In the world of the most perfect form is a form of ball. And the circle as the closest to perfection this item, especially appreciated the nomads. Circle as an element of heraldry is the application everywhere, but it is in special honor and respect among the eastern nomads. It is a symbol of life, eternity.

The central element has incorporated the basic idea of ​​our coat of arms is shanyrak — circular pommel dome of yurt. Shanyrak — a symbol of family prosperity, peace and tranquility. Skillfully, effectively and beautifully illustrated tundyk — zenith hole tent, reminds the bright sun against the blue, peaceful sky. Dome poles — uyk uniformly diverging from the center of the emblem on a blue space, similar to sunlight — a source of life and warmth. The authors managed to solve the problem of image kerege — sliding lattice framework of the yurt. Crosswise, triple, kuldereushi shanyrak symbolize the unity of the three zhuzs which provides its strength. Thus, the language of heraldry authors express peaceful essence of the Kazakhs. Call upon all peoples of the republic under the general shanyrak, strive to become a strong powerful supporting structures of our common home — Kazakhstan.

The next part of the composite structure of the arms are golden wings with horns in the shape of a crescent, fantastic jumpers — tulpars that state symbols has a long history. Silhouette jumpers in the language of heraldry has deep meaning and content. It means: fearlessness of a lion, vision falcon, physical power and strength of an ox, quickness, speed and plasticity of deer, cunning foxes and resourcefulness in the fight against enemies. Wings of Gold racers remind also sheaves of grain, gold wheat, i.e, a sign of labor, abundance and material prosperity.

In the center of the emblem is a five-pointed star, symbolizing that our hearts and arms open to representatives from all five continents. Color gamut of our arms — a golden and blue. The first corresponds to the bright, clear future of our nation. Blue sky united all the peoples of the world. Its color is in our arms embodies our desire for peace, harmony, friendship and unity with all peoples of the planet.