Serbia won the FINA Men’s Water Polo world Cup 2014 in Almaty.


August 25, 2014

The first match of the final day of the competition was between South Africa and Montenegro. The struggle for the 7th and 8th places was very strong, even though the Montenegrins were the obvious favorites. The South Africans scored more goals in this match than in the previous four put together, nevertheless they lost 10–13.

The second match was a battle between Australia and Kazakhstan, the two rivals from the earlier group stage. The team of Sergey Drozdov, who had used up a lot of power in the previous match, began well in the first period, but then slowed down. The Australians confidently took control of the game and went on to win, 12–6.

In the battle for the bronze medal of the World Cup Croatia defeated the USA. The first period ended even, and then in the following two periods the Olympic Champions went ahead. In the final period the Croatians were more defensive, they missed three shots and scored one goal, and finally won the game 8–6.

Hungary and Serbia fought in the final battle of the World Cup. These two teams played against each other in the deciding match of the last European Championship, when the Balkan representatives were stronger. In Almaty, the Hungarians were in the mood for revenge and with five minutes to go they were leading by one goal. In a very tough end the Serbs were luckier, they leveled the score, and everything was decided in a penalty shoot-out. Despite the huge desire of the Hungarians to grab victory, the team of Tibor Benedek failed to take revenge in the southern capital. Serbia won the World Cup, 9–11.

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